Intercultural Learning – the exchange year

exchange student, Expat, intercultural learning, intercultural sensitivity / By Elisabeth "Elle" Weingraber-Pircher

Some time back I sat down to write about my learning journey around the world as an exchange student and permanent is a rather personal account but I thought it is time to start sharing as I am keen to hear your thoughts and your learning. As it is a rather long journey...I decided to publish it in

The Adapter Expat

Expat / By Elisabeth "Elle" Weingraber-Pircher

This picture symbolizes for me my life, or at least my life as an expat, 16 moves, 11 countries, 4 continents, 3 Third Culture Kids and still the same wonderful 1 husband.

Why should I choose adapter plugs to describe my life? Would it not be more impressive to show a world map, or some stunning picture of my loved ones, friends and me in...