SIETAR Brasil Annual Conference, São Paulo, Brazil

10/22/2015 / By Elisabeth "Elle" Weingraber-Pircher

SIETAR Brasil Annual Conference, São Paulo, Brazil

50 Shades of Grey  – How interculturalists can help people deal with complexity and diversity.

Nothing is just black or white, right or wrong, nothing is that simple. There are numerous shades of grey, numerous rights and wrongs. To make things worse no one sees any particular color the same way, yet we pretend that “our” white, “our” black, “our” particular shade of grey is the “only real one”. The “real” complexity of any situation is scary and overwhelming. The political, the religious and the local/foreigner polarization is dangerous yet increasingly common. Look at your FB pages, twitter feeds and read the pro- or anti Dilma texts. We, as interculturalists, can help people perceive the shades of grey with curiosity, deal with complexity with confidence and act as bridge and community builder not just across national cultures but also across religious and political views, the latter being crucially important at the moment in Brazil.

This is a dynamic presentation with participation of the audience and some exercises to illustrate the point and to be used in training.