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American School of Milan
International School of London (Surrey)
Graded – American School São Paulo


Expat spouse & accomplished horse trainer


Elisabeth is incredibly skilled in leading group sessions, inviting active participation, yet able to be a strong leader and guide to keep discussions productive. Her cultural sensitivity allows her to recognize when it is appropriate to encourage a participant to contribute more, or when they need to be left alone to stay in their comfort zone. Her warm, open personality inspires trust and confidence, yet she also has the ability to firmly redirect or quell an overbearing person who may be a disruptive influence within a group. I highly recommend Elisabeth as an intercultural trainer and coach. Her organizational, technical, and intellectual abilities combine with her stellar interpersonal skills and personality to make her incredibly effective.

Director of American International School


Ms. Weingraber-Pircher has provided our organization with guidance in the field of Intercultural understanding and has conducted workshops for our parent community to help some of our parents adjust to living in Milan. Elisabeths gentle style, encouragement, intellect and her support for participants made these workshops very successful. It is very clear to all of us in the administration of The American School of Milan that these workshops, conducted by Ms. Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher, have helped us to create a bridge of understanding among our parents. We are confident that all international schools would benefit from having sessions of this type conducted for their teachers, administrators and their parents.

Director Leadership Development

Telecom, Finland

Intelligence, sharp mind, capability to bring simplicity out of complexity (catching the essentials), integrity, honesty are some of the qualities offered by Elisabeth in a coaching relationship.

As I had the opportunity to get to know Elisabeth also outside of formal coaching relationship while studying together at the European School of Coaching, I could also enjoy her fantastic sense of humour.

In addition, Elisabeth has been spending from short times to years in a lot of very diverse countries, which makes her a “human container” of so many different life and working experiences like seldom one has!

Elisabeth has a lot to share, definitely.

Brand Service Manager

Car Manufacturer, Germany

I had the luck of two coaching sessions with Elisabeth. It was a great experience for me, which I can highly recommend! Elisabeth style is very open and direct, which made it very easy for me to be also open. She is very intelligent and leads you to a very deep analysis of your actual situation and skills.

Her feedback analysis (as a two way communication) and her knowledge of human nature helped me very much to improve my communication.

Elisabeth thanks a lot, I’ve enjoyed my sessions with you!

Career Strategist & Coach


Elisabeth is a very talented and intuitive coach who will help and challenge you to achieve your big goals and realize your potential. She will help you gain self-awareness about the inner blocks that are holding you back, and will coach you in turning them around. She will also help you set concrete and measurable goals and will follow up to help with progress and accountability. Elisabeth is a genuine and committed partner on her clients’ journey of discovery and success. Her strong multicultural background helps her build a strong connection, engage and motivate clients from diverse cultures

Head of Sales

Pharmaceutical Company, India

Its a pleasure work with Elisabeth – I had a luck to work with her for 6 sessions on various coaching objectives : Establishing the Agreements of coaching objectives and she had made me understand Coaching Principles very clearly :

Exceptional Leadership Coach – helped tremendously in my professional development.

Extremely comfortable during interaction & Coaching sessions.,

Communication -switch off the internal radio and gather the information by just listening / SWOT / Multi Rating Feedback ( MRF ) to drive self awareness and identify areas of developments by just taking 360 degree Feedback from various internal & external stake holders in my HR suite /

Cross functional Interaction etc.,

It was an amazing experience the way she had made me to Re-visit the objectives / Reflection / Revisiting the goals & notes of various sessions / Progress check etc.,

Thanks a ton Elisabeth !!!

It was wonderful working with you !

EMEA Director

Car Manufacturer, Italy

The coaching experience is something really strong and useful for each leader and each person that has to run a team in an organization whatever the organization is (family, sport team, professional team).

To be successful and useful this experience requires you to be open to work on yourself and your personal characteristics and way of behaviour but it requires also someone able to drive you in the right direction, remarking some evidence or pointing out some highlights arisen from your coaching exercise.

I have never worked with Elisabeth before attending to a coaching course but as soon as I met her I understood that I can trust her and rely on her to drive me in my development. I think this is due to the fact that she is able to feel you not judged, to create the right environment and first of all she is able to listen. She always tries not to give you the solution but to help you to find by yourself asking you the proper question or giving you the most effective tool, that is more important than the rest in oneself’s development.

Each session with Elisabeth is quite intense and at the end you have to expect to feel tired because the session goes in depth on your personality, your background, your mind-set and and your way to act, but also to have learnt a lot about yourself and about what you can do to coach and stretch your team better in a positive environment.

Although her young age, her experience in several market with people coming from different countries ishuge and this can let you also work on your capability to be an intercultural leader. In my case this is not strictly related to her original task but she loves her job so much that she didn’t stop at her job description.

She has done more for me that what I have expected because I was still struggling with a new culture and she suggested me some very useful literature to read.

Attending to a coaching training course and especially attending some individual coaching session with Elisabeth is one of the best training I have ever done in my professional carrier and I think they could be useful also in my personal life. Unluckily I had the opportunity to do only 2 individual session and for a fully successful coaching training I will recommend to do more.

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