What We Do

Connecting commitments, engaging difference, facilitating excellence

We help you where credibility, presence and impact in diverse contexts are critical to your success. Whether it’s taking over a new business; working in a diverse and changing environment; leading a regional or global business or a diverse team; having just moved to a different country; or teaching in a multicultural classroom: effective communication of your ideas and your vision is key. Any and all of these scenarios become even more challenging when you are communicating with professionals from different cultures, with different languages, belief systems and backgrounds, and who may have conflicting commitments.  All of this is often a reality in today’s global business and educational environment.

This is where kultur.elle can support you with bespoke, dynamic learning experiences tailored to your specific challenges and objectives. 

We firmly believe that diversity is a great gift; a positive power to be harnessed. Research shows that multicultural teams either significantly outperform their mono-cultural counterparts, or they fall well short of expectations. The difference lies in leadership skills and the utilization of this diversity in beliefs, worldviews, communication preferences and solutions for a common purpose without falling into the group-think trap.

We help you analyze complex situations, listen to hidden commitments, and understand diverging priorities and preferences to build and co-create a context that enables you and your team to thrive and excel. We do this by:

connecting commitments;

engaging difference;

facilitating excellence and;

working coherently and with purpose.

We believe very strongly in the power of the individual as well as the organization, team, or family to construct the life and the career they want in their own way.


Examples of our dynamic and engaging learning experiences are:

Leadership development – Coaching & Training;

Developing a coherent and unique leadership style;

Communicating, motivating and leading across cultures;

Using the power of diversity for a common purpose;

Communicating for commitment.


Expatriate – Coaching & Training

Identity and meaning making in a different culture and context:

Spouses – Strategies for effectively realizing opportunities and constructing an identity;

Family – Strategic considerations, attitudes and ideas for a well balanced life abroad;

Strategic considerations for a move or a return “home”;

Dealing with transition concerns with care;

Career considerations for expatriates and partners;

Building a transferable intercultural skill set.


Intercultural training

Expatriate support and country-specific training;

Team training to unleash the creativity and power of diversity;

Virtual communication across cultures.


Internationals Schools  – consulting, training and coaching

Teacher development:

Cultivating intercultural facilitation skills for the diverse classroom;

Transition consulting and workshops for the school community;

Strategic intercultural competence for the leadership team.


Speeches and talks